Carefully Consider an Apple Music Subscription before signing-up….

Apple’s development of the iTunes & iPod was brilliantly conceived and executed. It remains a classic example of exploiting technology to effect discontinuities in a consumer market that had remained unchanged for decades.

It has been a precipitous fall from that position to the current state of offerings called Apple Music.

I have been a user of iTunes Match since its launch. It has been unusable for the past twelve months (on a MacBook running OSX). When invoking iTunes, the ‘spinning wheel’ appeared. When it stopped (minutes) any cursor motion would ‘restart’ the spinning wheel. When I opened ‘Force Quit’, iTunes status was ‘not responding’.

After several calls to Apple Care over 12 months, they were unable to offer a solution. The diagnostics went from “did I close and restart iTunes” to reinstalling the OS (oh, did you know that installing Music requires re-installation of OSX?). Finally on a recent call, I was told to ‘turn-off iTunes Match’; that worked,

So the solution that Apple provide was to stop using it…….

How about Music on the iPhone? I updated to iOS 9 this weekend, although usually not a good idea to install the ‘x.0’ release. However, 11 iOS 8 releases in the past 12 months (presumably to foist Apple Music on me) degraded the functionality of my iPhone 6 to a point where I could not receive email; I had hoped iOS 9 would restore eroded functionality. Today, my phone is essentially a ‘brick’; I can make phone calls and send texts, period.  I DID  have access to my Music on the iPhone, but I received an error message today, indicating that my access to MY music had expired.

My experience (with an iTunes Match library of ~ 8,000 titles; some purchased, some uploaded), and the ‘new’ Music, on both my MacBook and iPhone offers little confidence that Apple cares or can maintain quality.

I have begun using a Samsung Android tablet, using Amazon Music Player, where I can actually access my music.

About Don

Former VP/GM, Enterprise Application Development in several NASDAQ companies Partner Engagement Manager (Kforce, Inc.); development / deployment of Guest Experience Platform (Carnival Cruise Line) Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Certification - Carnegie Mellon CIO Institute Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Masters, Professional Studies, Georgetown University
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